- toshihiro komatsu home Adjoining Spaces 隣接する空間
- Works 2000 - 2001

Queens Focus 03, Queens Museum of Art, Queens, New York, U.S.A.

ten periscopes inserted on wall, selected photographs from the museum's collection, thirteen periscopes installed along balcony.

site-specific installation
mirror, aluminum, wood, enamel


クイーンズフォーカス03 アメリカ合衆国 ニューヨーク市 クイーンズ美術館



view into periscope at Queens Museumof Art
Exhibition Tiffany: Behind the Glass is on view behind the wall.

view into vertical periscope at Queens Museum of Art
Exhibition Tiffany: Behind the Glass is on view at the lower galleries.


In the exhibition Adjoining Spaces (2000-2001) at Queens Museum, the periscopes hollowed out and penetrated through the exhibition wall, and valiantly interfered with the museum’s photograph collections shown in another gallery room on the second floor, questioning the system of museums. The work magnificently extended the audience's gaze into multiple directions and towards another exhibition room located behind itself. Other periscopes were also vertically mounted on the opposite side of the exhibition room, and allowed viewers to peek into the exhibition space on the lower floor. My intervention allowed two completely unrelated exhibitions on view at the museum to be visually connected, beyond its physical constraints of the architecture.

Queens Museumの「隣接する空間」(2000−2001年)では、美術館の制度に触れる作品として2階展示室に飾られた同美術館が収蔵する写真作品を大胆に 干渉するように、ペリスコープを展示壁面を刳り貫き穿った。展示室の裏側にある別の壮大な展示室に向けて、ペリスコープは観客の眼差しを複数方向に拡張した。さらに展示室の反対側に垂直に取り付けたペリスコープによって、観客は下階の展覧会場を覗き見ることができた。私が介入したことで、美術館の中でおこなわれていた全く関係のない2つの展覧会は、建築の物理的な制約を超えて視覚的に結ばれた。