- toshihiro komatsu home Observatory 展望台
- Works 1999
Special Projects Fall 1999
Long Island City, New York, U.S.A.
site-specific installation
mirror, aluminum, wood, enamel, backdrop paper


スペシャルプロジェクト 1999年秋
アメリカ合衆国 ニューヨーク市 ロングアイランドシティ
view into periscope at P.S.1
looking into the lower gallary where the exhibition "Promise of Photography" is on view.

Promise of Photography展が開催中の下階の展示室を覗く

Since 1988, I have been creating spatial works, which often depend on the physical space in which they are located. My installations are created especially for a specific museum space or other institutionalized spaces and are composed by not only a group of objects displayed in the exhibition space but also by the entire environment (outside the museum). Some installations make visitors experience the surrounding art space and the outdoor environment. The periscopes are entirely made with inward-facing mirrors inside to compose a structure of a square tube, embedded into the wall or the floor of the exhibition space to reach the viewer's sight into the lower galleries and beyond the wall where the another exhibition is on view. The periscopes extend our sense of space breaking down the physical and structural limit of architectural container.

When periscopes were installed in the exhibition room at the MoMA PS1, New York, they penetrated not only its windows but also vertically downwards in the middle of the floor, and allowed viewers to overview the spacious exhibition hall located directly underneath. The work converted the museum into an Observatory (1999), where viewers could observe outside and underneath the exhibition room.


ニューヨークのMoMA PS1の展示室にペリスコープを取り付けた際には、窓だけでなく床の中心部にも階下まで貫通して垂直に穿ち、真下の広々とした展覧会場を俯瞰できるようにした。自分の展覧会場は美術館の外と真下を観測できる「展望台」(1999年)に変貌した。