- toshihiro komatsu home Water Pavilion ウォーターパビリオン
- Works 2007
TEAF 2007, Ulsan City, the Republic of Korea

310 cm (h) x 299 cm (w) x 495 cm (d)
2880 glass canisters, waters of Taehwagang river, steel, metalic paint, silicone glue

TEAF 2007 大韓民国 ウルサン市

310 cm (高) x 299 cm (幅) x 495 cm (奥)

Water Pavilion, consisting of 2880 glass canisters filled with water taken from the Taehwagang river in Ulsan, the Republic of Korea, was situated by the Taehwagang river. The walls of the glass canisters filled with water were transparent and looked like a wall of glass block. My intention was to bring people's attention to the river water and was to change their perception of the place by looking through the transparent wall - or a large lens - of the Taehwagang river waters. Nothing is more precious than water. The pavilion contained the river and paid homage to the Taehwagang river.